Workshop/Presentation Description

1) Introduction to the Automatic Drawings of Alma Rumball – Wendy Oke’s 38 year long journey with Alma’s artwork, the screening of the award-winning documentary, “The Alma Drawings”.

2) Local History of the Rumball Family in Muskoka – Port Sydney pioneers Charles Rumball and William Morgan, and their families.

3) Art of Spiritual Peacemaking and the Emissary Wheel and the  Beloved Community, based on the text by james Twyman. Alma Rumball images as meditative tools for spiritual qualities on the Emissary Wheel.

Comparisons between Edgar Cayce’s readings
and Alma’s artwork and automatic writing:

4) Atlantis – comparing Alma Rumball and Edcar Cayce in their treatment of Atlantis.

5) Beginnings – comparing multiple explanations of the star-seeding of our planet including Edgar Cayce’s readings and Alma’s imagery.

6) The Sacred Language of Light – teachings and images of the Ascended Masters, the Colour Ray Masters, Edgar Cayce’s readings on Light and Colour.

7) Divine Feminine – Alma Rumball imagery of the Divine Feminine.

8) Mayan Prophecies, 2012, Year of the Dragon, Atlantis –  a comparison of Alma’s drawings and writings in reference to the End Times as it relates to Edgar Cayce’s material on Earth changes.

9) Atlantis and Cuba –  latest discoveries suggesting Cuba as the site of Atlantis.

Film screening, presentations and workshops are all available. Timing could range from 2 hours to a full day or weekend. Experiential or meditation aspects can be added to the presentations. Email for more information or to schedule a showing.




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